DiSC Talk for the World-Taking Flight

DISCover the Greatness in You

Want an accurate scientifically validated assessment of your personality? Want to truly discover the greatness and excellence within you? Want to identify and locate those stout personality traits within you, giving you a better overall read of your character and appeal? Look no further…

We now have a method of giving you a dynamic framework in approaching each relationship in your life! When you experience DISC Talk for the World, you truly DISCover those identifiable characteristics which define you! It is these characteristics that will immediately upload into your personal and professional life. Never is it too late to locate the sheer greatness within you! Value yourself and understand the qualities that differentiate you from others! Understand what you have to offer, what you bring to the table, and which attributes enable you to separate yourself from the rest!

DISC talk for the World catapults you to a level of greatness that you may have never envisioned. It allows you to locate the good in you and realize how you can apply your greatness to various circumstances and relationships in your life.

No longer should you allow yourself to struggle with what is right–you have the right elements and mental make-up. You just need to realize your potential and worth. Ever taken a personality test? Ever found the results of the personality test, only to find that the report ends up in a file some place on your desk? Sound all too familiar? Tired of such an ineffective process?

With Pacemaker, you reinvent the power of DISC. Pacemaker brings the potency of DISC to the world in an engaging, memorable, sustainable way. One of our DISC programs not only emphasizes the theory and practice by utilizing common images (the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl), we empower these tools by feeding the brain of visual learners. It is an innovative and prosperous practice, one which enables us to really penetrate the brain both meaningfully and methodically.

This is known by us as brain friendly facilitation. It is training which is easily understood and easily stored and remembered. We make the most out of this methodology by taking this simple mnemonic and delving deeper and reaching a higher-level approach in applying real-life situations. This makes for a more realistic, more life-like understanding of it all.

We are able to get to the root of vital questions. How do I manage stress? How do I fully utilize my time management skill so that every day is productive? How do deal with change? How do I reap the rewards of risk-taking? After the participants earn the understanding and find answers to these pivotal questions, our model elicits lasting behavioral change.

Taught in groups, the identification of DISC styles ultimately generates a deeper and richer understanding of why people gain varying perspectives and view the world through different lenses.

If you are in the process of reinventing your image, switching careers, “sharpening your professional saw” or essentially just transitioning from better to best, it is time you invest in DISC Talk for the World.

How do we know and what have others said about the benefits of studying with Cynthia and her team? Hundreds and thousands of people around the world have told us that they’ve experienced self-revelations and instant power in their own space upon attending our informative and educational seminar.

Many have the experience pegged as “magical,” “life-changing,” and an experience which vaulted them to unprecedented heights in their life. It enabled them to possess a greater understanding of why people do what they do. More importantly, the seminar gave them a reason to understand “why I do what I do!” Behaviors speak in such loud and thunderous fashion; they are what others observe–NOT what is being said.

This is a necessity all individuals looking to better aspects of themselves and/or their career paths. We target the likes of trainers, teachers, therapists, career coaches, counselors, managers, human capital managers, and myriad others from across all career fields. There are no limitations on who and who cannot attend. We implore anyone searching for self-awareness and greater value to DiSCover the greater good and capabilities within them!

Seminars and Workshop Descriptions

Level One-This session (2 hours) is designed for groups and organizations needing an overview/review of DISC and needing practical tips using the model as well as a fun way that enlightens your world and affairs.

Level Two-Introductory session (half-day) for individuals that are not familiar with DISC. This session will present the basic theory and identify the participant’s style and how they can adapt their style to achieve their desired results.

Level Three-This is an in depth session (full day) designed for facilitators and trainers to obtain certification on Take Flight with DISC. re you interested in facilitating world class DISC training programs? Perhaps you have been training in DISC for years and are open to fresh activities, new insights, and premium materials to add to your repertoire. Or, perhaps you are new to training or new to training with DISC. Becoming certified in Taking Flight with DISC will equip you with the skills, insights, and best practices to facilitate engaging, epiphany filled DISC training sessions. Because when participants are actively participating, the learning accelerates, light bulbs go off, and your impact soars.

What will I receive?
  • An assessment (hard copy) that will define your DiSC Style.
  • Disc desk reminder cards and a participant workbook
  • A certificate of attendance/certification verification (when applicable)
  • The ability to use the course towards any CEU requirement.

Can I be certified in DISC Talk for the World-Taking Flight?

Yes, PACEMAKER can provide customized certification, facilitator’s kits and a personalized sub accounts for ordering DISC Talk for the World-Take Flight materials for your practice or organization. We also offer coaching on the use of the Taking Flight theory and practice as an after action strategy sessions.

How is this different from any other type of personal assessment?

DISC is a personal development assessment that measures an individual’s tendencies and priorities. Since 1928 the DISC model has evolved and in this case PACEMAKER uses bird metaphors that symbolize the various DISC Styles. It is called Take Flight with DISC and is delivered in an exciting (not mundane or boring way) rather than for a clinical, industrial-organizational audience and there is no assumption that there has been any pervious training in psychological theory. This is why PACEMAKER decided to use the Take Flight Learning model which reinvents the DISC model by embodying the DISC traits – Dominant, Interactive, Supportive, and Conscientious into four birds- the Eagle, the Parrot, the Dove and the Owl.

Why use of the bird metaphor?

PACEMAKER has introduced DiSC for over 20 years and found that the use of the metaphors symbolizing the styles penetrates the organization like wild fire and is the most effective and brain friendly way of understanding this powerful language.

Key Take Aways:
  • Leave with a heightened sense of self awareness
  • Never, ever treat others the way you want to be treated but how they NEED to be treated
  • Have created the ability to design your personal and professional flight plan for a life long journey and remain on course.
  • Find your authentic voice creating “win win” relationships
  • Permanently stand in your own personal power prepared for ongoing optimized growth
  • Always have the skill to stay at the top of your game

Experience DISC the “PACEMAKER WAY” honest, powerful, never to be forgotten using DISC as a tool for your lifelong strategy. Our delivery is fresh, engaging and “sticky” meaning never to be forgotten.

Any of the workshops listed above can be customized for your organization or business and delivered at your conference, retreat or place of business. To request or inquire about Customized DISC Workshops or keynote speaking call the PACEMAKER office at 410.889.5430.

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