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    DiSC Talk For The World

    Introducing The DiSC Program

    At The Leadership Guru, we offer a range of consulting services tailored to meet your unique needs. The DiSC program is one of the primary tools Dr. Cynthia Pace, PhD, CPF, utilizes while assisting clients. Used by organizations worldwide, the DiSC system (a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing) is based on the idea that people have different behavioral styles, and that understanding those styles can lead to more effective communication and collaboration. The program uses a simple-yet-powerful model that categorizes individuals into four main personality groups. Each style has its own set of strengths and communication preferences.

    Understanding their own DiSC style and the styles of others allows individuals to adapt their communication approach, empowering them to better connect with team members and improve team performance. Dr. Pace believes the DiSC program is essential for organizations looking to improve team dynamics and enhance leadership skills. At The Leadership Guru, we offer cost-effective training products from Wiley Publishing. The resulting computer-generated reports serve as a platform for team building, customer service, employee development, and leadership programs.

    Certified Master Facilitator for DiSC

    As a Certified Master Facilitator, Dr. Pace brings her deep understanding of the DiSC program to assist organizations in various ways. She conducts workshops and training sessions where participants learn about their DiSC style, explore the strengths and challenges of different styles, and develop strategies to enhance team communication. Additionally, Dr. Pace offers personalized coaching to individuals and teams, helping them apply DiSC principles to their day-to-day interactions.

    Maximize Team Collaboration With DiSC

    With Dr. Pace’s guidance, organizations can use the Everything DiSC system to unlock the potential of their teams by fostering stronger communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Contact The Leadership Guru today to learn more about our DiSC Talk for the World services and how we can support your organization’s training needs.

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