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    It was a pleasure working with you on our recent retreat. You established an atmosphere of trust and openness that was greatly valued by all. Based on the work done with you at our retreat, we left armed with constructive and actionable feedback that we have incorporated into our daily work life. In fact, the work around DiSC is something about which we are all still talking and utilizing in our day-to-day exchanges with one another. As a result, everyone left the retreat more energized and focused with a better understanding of one another and their unique work styles. Thank you for providing such a rich experience, and I am thrilled that we had the good fortune to have you serve as the facilitator for this very successful staff retreat – the first such one for the office, but definitely not the last.

    Cheryl L. Ziegler Ragland

    Director, Office of Legal Resources
    Office of the General Counsel
    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

    I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia during a Small Business fair where she presented DISC utilizing Taking Flight. Cynthia captivated, engaged, enlightened and empowered the audience! Her delivery was thought-provoking, energetic, inspiring and moved a “cold” crowd to action! Her expertise, confidence and unmatchable skill can transform any environment!

    LaCheryl E. Jones

    Public Relations and Outreach Manager
    Maryland Department of Transportation

    On behalf of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, I would like to thank you for your informative presentation on Taking Flight with DISC at the professional development conference. We are fortunate to have had someone of your professional expertise and credentials take time from your busy schedule to address the participants. I have heard nothing but glowing responses from those who attended it. There would never have been such a positive response were it not for your willingness to share your expertise with others. You message was on target with our conference theme “Passport to Success…Serving! Inspiring! Empowering!”

    Sharon Davis Scott, MBA

    Manager, Training and Staff Development
    Office of Human Resources
    Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

    I had the honor and the privilege to attend a full day workshop at Paces Place with Dr. Cynthia Pace. It was evident from the beginning that Dr. Pace has a firm grasp on the information she provided to the participants. Her easy style of delivery mixed in with just the right amount of humor and straightforwardness allowed me to go deeper into my process than I expected. The way that Dr. Pace encouraged the participants to share from their heart went a long way in providing the space for people to share authentically. My life has changed as a result of this experience with doctor pace at paces place. This workshop was a wonderful experience. I am still flying high from the things that I learned and the insights I gained.

    Visioning with PaceMaker at Pace’s Place was a one-of-a-kind experience that helped ignite my spirit and open my mind to focus in on my heart led goals.

    Jeffrey DeShawn

    Rev. Eugene D. Holden, RScP

    NAPD is a national organization and had the pleasure of working with Dr. Cynthia Pace. Dr. Pace was a tremendous resource for our team, guiding us through the process of refining our Vision, Mission, and Purpose as a team. She maintained a great balance that allowed us to talk through our ideas, while still driving and guiding us towards an end result. When working with a group, she is excellent at giving space for the process while keeping our group focused on our agreed-upon goals. As the needs shifted, so did Cynthia, and we were so thankful for her time, expertise, and gifts.

    Lori James-Townes, MSW, LCSW-C

    Executive Director, NAPD
    Phone: 443-756-9177

    It is with great enthusiasm that I share my experiences collaborating with Dr. Cynthia Pace, fondly known as The Leadership Guru, over the past decade. Dr. Pace has been an invaluable mentor and a true luminary in the field of training and facilitation. Dr. Cynthia Pace’s expertise in process-based facilitation is unparalleled. Her deep understanding of the processes employed during events has consistently elevated the quality of our collaborative projects. Dr. Pace has an exceptional ability to weave together instructional design and facilitation methodologies, ensuring our training sessions are not only informative but also dynamic and engaging. What truly distinguishes Dr. Cynthia Pace is her embodiment of the servant leader coach role. As a facilitator and leader, she consistently prioritizes the needs of participants and the team, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and growth. Her commitment to serving others has been a guiding light in our projects, and her leadership style has been a source of inspiration for me as I navigate my professional journey.

    Dr. Cynthia Pace’s client-centered approach is a hallmark of her work. She skillfully defines the objectives for facilitation sessions and events, tailoring them to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. This approach ensures that our training initiatives are not only effective but also directly aligned with the unique challenges and aspirations of our clients.

    I have always been impressed by Dr. Cynthia Pace’s facilitation style, which is not only interactive but also crystal clear. Her ability to engage participants while maintaining clarity in communication is a rare and valuable skill. This creates a learning environment that is not only enjoyable but also easily comprehensible, making complex concepts accessible to all.

    As Dr. Cynthia Pace embarks on the exciting journey of rebranding as The Leadership Guru, I have full confidence that her commitment to process-based facilitation, servant leadership, and client-centered excellence will continue to make a lasting impact. It has been a privilege to work alongside her, and I am excited to witness the continued success and influence of The Leadership Guru in the training and facilitation landscape.

    Water 2 Wine Consulting Group

    Founder and Principal Strategist

    I really enjoyed the visioning session at Pace’s Place. Some of the highlights include the prework, examining the highlights and accomplishments for the current year is something that we often overlook. Ensuring that participants completed it with friendly reminders of its importance was really helpful. The program included a great mix of participants from various backgrounds which made it a nice way to hear the goals and visions of those in different professions. I absolutely love Pace&’s place. There was an exercise when we had the opportunity to hear suggestions from others related to our future (vision) and to be able to sit in a space and enjoy amazing views was incredible. OVerall is was a wonderful experience and the timing was just right for planning for the new year.

    Renika Weston, CEO

    Coach, Facilitator

    To summarize Dr. Cynthia Pace’s approach to “strategic leadership,” I use a card-playing analogy. Here’s what I’ve learned from Dr. Pace: A strategic leader takes the hand they’re dealt and turns it into a winning one. I’ve seen Dr. Pace help leaders guide their organizations from an “as-is” to a “desired” state. In other words, I’ve watched how she has helped leaders “make organizational transformation happen.” As Dr. Pace reminds us, organizational transformation requires that leaders understand the constant changes taking place in (i) the “game” and (ii) the interactions between the “game” and “players.” To capture this, we’ve developed an adage: An organization’s internal rate of change must exceed its external one. For Dr. Pace, strategic leaders must build the capacity of employees, stakeholders, their organization, and themselves to ride the waves of change. Why? To thrive, not just survive, as we all face an ever-unfolding “new normal.” You can find Dr. Pace’s approach to strategic leadership outlined in our working papers, blogs, and book.

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