Facilitation Services


Have you ever asked the question…

  • Why can’t we have productive meetings?
  • Why do we get off track?
  • Why do we dislike going to retreats…aren’t they are just a waste of my time?
  • Why can’t we have more fun and be more creative?
If you have asked these questions, Dr. Pace can help you and get it right this time!

What are Pacemaker’s facilitation services?

Dr. Pace conducts meeting, group and retreat facilitation for executives, teams, work groups and professional groups. The objective is to bring structure to the process. Dr. Pace has declared war on useless retreats, talking head sessions, and boring, poorly planned and unfocused meetings. Bad meetings waste time and money. That’s why organizations rely on Dr. Pace to guide them in implementing strategies for successful meetings. Using tools, techniques and a custom agenda, Dr. Pace helps you design meetings enlivened by graphics and visual appeal. Dr. Pace uses Grove Publishing Visual Tools, which are a series of visioning tools like big paper, sticky notes, graphic templates and more.

Dr. Pace can help your organization with…

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Plan Assessment
  • Meeting Transformation
  • Process Improvement
  • Issue Resolution Board Development
  • Board Meeting Facilitation
  • Conference & Retreat Facilitation
  • Focus Groups
  • Team Review
  • Meetings, Groups and More!

Dr. Pace can help you…

  • Clarify the goals and purpose of your meeting, seminar or retreat
  • Clarify your agenda and develop the group activities that support the outcome of your meeting
  • Align your meeting activities with specific outcomes (decision making, analysis, etc.)
  • Facilitate your meeting using processes that avoid delaying and derailing the meeting
  • Facilitate discussions around the “hidden” and unspoken issues and agenda
  • Document and capture the process and results of your meeting for the organization
  • Confirm next steps and follow up with your key decisions and actions
  • Evaluate your meeting to determine the effectiveness of your desired outcomes

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