Consulting Capacity

Project Management

Interim Leadership and Executive Project Management

Dr. Pace provides interim leadership and project management for organizations. This short-term service allows the organization to develop their capacity— saving money and time.

Policy Review / SOP Manual Updates and Development

Pacemaker develops policies, procedures and manuals that align with the actual practice of the organization. Retaining current policy and practice updates prevents unintended consequences and enhances employee-employer relations.


Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and Former U.S. Representative for the International Association of Facilitators

Pacemaker designs, prepares, facilitates and documents events that deliver results in less time. This enables the organization to accomplish more, save time, money and be highly successful. A facilitator can help you achieve more than you ever expected to accomplish by using various facilitation tools and practices. Pacemaker is a Certified Professional Facilitator that is endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators through their rigorous process of experience validation and competency demonstration.


Leadership Development – Creating a Culture of Trust

Pacemaker’s speciality is the individual leadership of employees, managers and executives. At the outset individuals at all levels of the organization understand that their behavior impacts the work environment, culture and the success of the organization. This results in all individuals becoming self-directed and creating a workplace of trust and personal responsibility.

Training and Facilitation


Dr. Pace is a master facilitator of DiSC. The Everything DiSC System (a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing) is a tool that is utilized all over the world to enhance the professional and personal lives of individuals. Dr. Pace believes that the core for any individual success or organizational change is the need to understand the differences. Pacemaker offers cost-effective products from Wiley Publishing for training programs. These computer-generated reports serve as a platform for team building, customer service, and employee development and leadership programs. In addition, train-the-trainer, traditional face-to-face and online custom solutions are offered.

Train the Trainer Facilitation

Cynthia provides the following in-house facilitator training sessions that are customized to fit client needs. Training sessions are 1-3 days in length. Training is customized to fit your organization and training materials are included.

  • Facilitation Basics (3 day)
  • Introduction to Facilitation Basics (1 day)
  • Advanced Facilitation (1 day)
  • Facilitation and Presentation Skills Basics (2 day)
  • Planning Large Group Meetings (1 day)
  • The Graphic Facilitative Leader (1 day)

Retreat Planning & Facilitation

Retreats are an excellent method of ensuring there is ample time to think and plan. Through retreats, Pacemaker has helped many organizations achieve a variety of purposes: implementation of new programs, providing a platform for new CEOs, planning and announcing important company plans, and achieving maximum employee commitment to an organization’s goals. This service includes the development of a complete agenda with speakers and a professional facilitator.

Strategic Planning Custom Solutions

Many organizations spend countless hours developing plans that are not utilized, or developing business strategies that are not implemented. Pacemaker can assist organizations in developing user-friendly plans that can easily be implemented and monitored. A successful planning effort must focus on the following fundamentals:

  • Developing a vision and establishing a mission
  • Converting the mission into goals
  • Developing objectives and action plans to achieve established goals
  • Revising and updating the plans and planning activities to create a dynamic and flexible environment

What Sets Pacemaker Apart From Others?

  • Experienced: Former CEO, Manager and Leader
  • Practitioner: Uses Outcomes Based Behavioral Theory as Part of Leadership Core Practice
  • Best Practices: Employs Interactive and Adult-Centered Techniques
  • Cutting Edge: Applies Current Leadership Theory and Concepts
  • Certified: Certified DiSC Trainer and Certified Professional Facilitator
  • Proven Record: Over 20 Years as a Leadership Practice

What Can Pacemaker Do For You?

Dr. Pace combines the skills of trainer, speaker and facilitator to create an experience that is memor-able, penetrat-able and remark-able. Her expertise produces the following outcomes:

  • Reduced planning time
  • Effective and productive meetings
  • Increased employee commitment
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved personal and professional lives of employees
  • Improved culture – creating trust and commitment to personal responsibility

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