Helping Organizations and Individuals Experience Their Greatness

Pacemaker, LLC, is a consulting firm that focuses on the people side of business. Dr. Pace designs and facilitates large and small group events, leadership development and training of facilitators.

As "The Leadership Guru," she helps teams and organizations experience their greatness by understanding the value of building trust and personal responsibility in the workplace. Pacemaker can work with your organization to accelerate human potential.

The Pacemaker Mission:

  • Helping individuals and organizations to identify their personal strategies to be great

  • Helping individuals and organizations get to "yes"!

  • Answering and resolving the questions "Why do I hate going to work?" and "Why donĀ“t I like the people I work with?"

  • Transforming meetings and retreats by having productive crucial conversations

  • Assisting organizations in creating and demonstrating their value and provide convincing evidence of their performance

  • Being highly interactive, fun and creative before, during and after the intervention or event

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