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    Dr. Cynthia Pace, PhD, CPF

    Certified Professional Facilitator

    Helping Organizations & Individuals Experience Their Greatness

    Led by Dr. Cynthia Pace, PhD, CPF, our mission is helping you and your team unlock their true potential, empowering your organization to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

    At The Leadership Guru, we understand that effective leadership is the cornerstone of every organization’s success. Dr. Pace offers a wide range of consulting services tailored to meet her clients’ unique needs. Whether you are looking to improve your management skills or enhance your team’s performance and productivity, or develop a strategic plan, she is steeped in the practice that will provide the organization with their desired outcomes.she has the expertise to guide you on your journey.

    Creating a Culture of Trust & Personal Responsibility

    Dr. Cynthia Pace, our esteemed founder and CPF, brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to every engagement. With a background as a seasoned educator in the higher education community and a former College President, and extensive training in the latest and cutting edge facilitation techniques, she is committed to helping you overcome workplace challenges, inspire positive change, and achieve your organizational goals.

    Internationally renowned for her dynamic presentations and creative project management strategies, Dr. Pace works closely with you to identify your unique needs and develop tailored solutions that address your challenges and goals, empowering you to unleash your full potential and drive long-term success.

    What We Offer

    Customized Consulting Solutions


    Facilitation & Strategic Planning

    As one of her many specialties, Dr. Pace helps teams streamline their decision-making process, enhance collaboration, and achieve desired outcomes. Using a structured, audience-tailored approach and interactive facilitation techniques, she ensures that meeting and planning sessions are productive, efficient, and result-driven. Trust Dr. Pace to guide your team towards success!


    DiSC Talk for the World

    This program is designed to enhance team communication and build strong relationships. Through the DiSC assessment, participants gain valuable insights into their communication styles and learn effective strategies to effectively communicate with others. As a master facilitator, Dr. Pace guides individuals and teams in leveraging these insights to foster understanding, collaboration, and success. Dr. Pace uses the DiSC Assesment and is an authorized user for Wiley and Take Flight Learning Assesments.


    Leadership Seminars & Training

    Led by Dr. Pace, these programs empower participants by offering practical tools and strategies to enhance their leadership abilities, inspire innovation, and drive high- performing teams. Dr. Pace uses a dynamic presentation approach to engage her audience, ensuring every participant leaves equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently excel in their leadership roles.

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