Can You Keep PACE with Dr. Cynthia?

Dr. Cynthia Pace’s Tool Box for FACILITATION has exciting and varied methods for leaders and trainers who learn how to:

  • Discover solutions
  • Make learning stick
  • Run a meeting, seminar or retreat

Her work is customized to the client audience with the latest in adult learning tools and her innovative exercises.

Dr. Pace conducts FACILITATION for executives, teams, work and professional groups. The object is to bring structure to the process. Dr. Page has declared war on boring under-planned meetings that are unfocused, useless retreats and talking head seminars.

In a heartbeat, Dr. Pace’s Life Support System implemented by the PACEMAKER team revitalizes leaders and increases their felling of self-worth.

The experience teaches. Learning is contagious. Dr. Pace will bring out the best in the learners. Call today to find out how.

Come in like a Lamb


Leave Like a Lion

Cynthia Creates Theater…

Theater that triggers behavioral change. The process makes a difference in the person and in the workplace. Cynthia knows how to bring out the child and also expose the maturity that cares and empowers.

Learners will come in with a furrow in their bow and leave with laughter.

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Dress up or dress down, Learners embrace visioning that goes beyond introspection.

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I am Cynthia Pace, a person who values learning and leadership strategies that make sense. I have declared war on under planned, useless, meaningless meetings, and retreats that have no long term results and that are not enlightening and fun. In a heartbeat, my life support system (PACEMAKER, LLC) when implemented revitalizes leaders/staff increasing their feeling of self-worth. My passion (what I stand for) is a workplace that is exciting, creative accountable and one that creates the outcomes the organization wants to accomplish.

I also stand on the notion that this can be done no matter what is said by others that moan and groan about what is not happening in the workplace. I want to service organizations and groups and breathes ‘life back’ into the organization, bringing the spirit of all that work in the organization to life-taking these individual energies providing the service desired.

I come from higher education; I was a college administrator, teacher, chair, Dean, and Vice President and at all times my goal was to service students-not tolerating poor teaching-learning environments. I am now on my third career and all of them are connected in some interesting way. It started with not being able to speak properly due to the misalignment of my teeth and being brought to my mother’s attention by my first grade teacher, Ms. Fish.

After 10 years of orthodontics (the technology has since changed), I could speak properly. On my college application, I indicated that one of my hobbies was talking, my mother made me change it indicating that it was not a hobby. At any rate, this led me to a career as a dental hygenist (clinical), teaching of dental hygiene, chair of dental hygiene, then onto other positions in higher education. Always using my speaking skills (my hobby) as an asset to motivate, captivate and create the learning organizations that valued.

I have often been asked how I prepared myself for the physical presence that I create when I facilitate groups. Other than a gift it comes from the passion of wanting to be perfect, of practicing (I have a radio show now) getting better and my very spirit speaking to me subsequently from a basis of truth, understanding, experience and appearing as a high verbal acuity. Thus, here I am, a certified professional facilitator, training, organizational consultant and a person that believes that each and ever person on the earth has a special gift.

What happens with PACEMAKER and the use of Dr. Cynthia’s Tool Box for Facilitation has exciting and varied methods for leaders and trainers who learn how to:

  • Be themselves, discover the value of others
  • Make training and learning stick using Brain Learning Theory

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